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Chicago Cubs

Cubs History 1906

There are many MLB teams, but few are as prestigious as the Chicago Cubs. While they may not be your favorite baseball team, their impact on the sport is undeniable. After all, they were one of eight founding teams in the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs in 1876. While they play all across the country, they play out of Chicago at Wrigley Field, which has been their home field since their inception. They’re a team with established roots, and it shows.

Previous Names

The Chicago Cubs haven’t always gone by the name of the Cubs, however. They were founded in 1876 as the Chicago White Stockings. They kept this name until 1889, when they changed their name to the Chicago Colts for seven years. From 1898 to 1902, they went by the Chicago Orphans. Finally, in 1903, the Chicago Cubs donned their iconic name, which they still use to this day. While their name may have changed throughout the years, the team remains the same.

Notable Events

With such a long history, the Cubs undoubtedly have been part of some amazing events during their baseball career. Even if you’re not a fan of baseball, Babe Ruth’s called shot is probably familiar. Ruth, of the New York Yankees, played against the Cubs in the World Series in 1932. Allegedly, he walked up to the plate, pointed his finger towards center field, and proceeded to hit a home run directly where he pointed. Other notable events include the Riot at Wrigley Field on June 28, 1928, which included 5,000 spectators swarming the field due to Hack Wilson jumping into the box seats to attack a fan. And no one can forget the Cub’s 10,000th win against the Colorado Rockies on April 23, 2008.

Famous Players

Some famous players include Sammy Sosa, who played 13 seasons with the Cubs and recorded a whopping 545 home runs in 1,811 games. Others include Ron Santo, who played for them for 14 seasons and served as the team’s commentator for 20 more and Ernie Banks, who is known as, “Mr. Cub”. His entire 19 year career was spent with the Cubs, where he won two MVP awards in 1958 and 1959. Banks is widely considered the best and most recognized Chicago Cub of all time.


If you’re watching Cubs baseball, you know you’re in for a good game. They’ve won two World Series titles, in 1907 and 1908. They’ve also won 16 National League Pennants, three Central Division titles, and two East Division titles. They’ve had a long and successful baseball history. Retired jersey numbers include 10, 14, 23, 26, 31, and 42, so don’t expect to see those on the field anytime soon.


You can recognize them by their distinctive logo: a giant red C, with the rest of the letters UBS inside of the C, all circled by blue. The Cubs colors are royal blue, red, and white. Their uniforms usually have some blue variation on them and are generally well recognized.

The Cubs are a cornerstone of the MLB. They’ve had a long, interesting history that few other teams can even come close to. Even if you’re not a fan, you have to respect them. We have built this site, Cubrants.com to celebrate this great team. We hope you have fun reading it.